Key Attributes to Look for in a First Aid Training Partner

2 December 2021
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Companies are legally obligated to ensure that employees receive first aid attention whenever an accident occurs in the workplace. Thus, many companies in various industries continually seek licenced trainers to equip their employees with first aid skills and knowledge. It is a business opportunity that many startup training firms can seize. The best way to grab such an opportunity is to partner with a registered training organisation (RTO) already offering first aid training. However, training organisations need to strategically choose first aid training partners because of the sheer number of collaborations available. This article highlights vital attributes to look for in first aid training partnerships.

Payment for Successful Course Completion

The first and most important attribute you should look for in a first aid training partner is the payment arrangement for your students. Notably, RTOs have varying payment options; therefore, you must choose carefully. For instance, some RTOs require that partners pay training fees for every student upfront. However, it can be problematic because some students might not complete the entire course, and there is no guarantee that the money will actually be refunded. Therefore, the best RTOs to collaborate with allow you to only pay for students who complete the entire first aid course. This means you pay at the end of the program and not upfront.  

In-House Prepared Training Resources

When you partner with an RTO to provide first aid training, they should provide you with training resources. Besides, the RTO you partner with should be ready to offer support should you encounter a problem with training resources. If an RTO outsources training resources, you might struggle to get clarification on certain issues. This is because an RTO must contact their external source to address the subjects in question. The best RTO to partner with has training resources prepared by an in-house doctor and a first aid expert. Such partnerships guarantee immediate support in case issues emerge regarding training resources. Furthermore, an in-house first aid expert can easily customise training resources to suit the specific needs of trainees. 

On-the-Spot Statement of Attainment

When trainees complete a first aid course in your institution, they might have to wait for their certificate to be mailed to their addresses. However, some graduands might want to apply for job openings during the waiting period and include first aid training in their resume. Unfortunately, they cannot do so without a first-aid certificate. Nonetheless, most experienced RTOs offer trainees a statement of attainment on course completion. Students can use the document in their resume since it is a valid and recognised record.  

Keep these tips in mind when looking for first aid partnership programs near you.